WhatsApp’s newest feature fixes group chat notification chaos


WhatsApp group notifications
No more notifications you don’t need to see.
Photo: WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s group chat function can be incredibly useful for all kinds of things. But when a bunch of people are talking, your phone gets bombarded with notifications and they suddenly become unbearable.

WhatsApp’s newest feature hopes to fix that by allowing only selected people to send messages.

A group chat is the perfect way to converse with a bunch of colleagues, friends, or family members at the same time. They’re great for managing projects, organizing events, or for simply keeping up with what’s happening.

That is until two or more members of your group decide to have a lengthy conversation about something mundane, and you get a hundred notifications you have no interest in seeing.

Starting today, you can fix that.

WhatsApp introduces new group setting for admins

You can now choose to allow only admins to send messages to your group.

This ensures important updates and information is still received from those who need to send it, but you don’t have to endure the unnecessary comments and replies from everyone else.

To enable this setting, open Group Info and then tap Group Settings, then Send Messages. Choose the Only Admins option.

The new setting is rolling out now to “users all around the world on the latest supported versions” of WhatsApp.