Make your 10.5-inch iPad Pro look like an analog sketchbook


iPad sketchbook cover
Your 10.5-inch iPad Pro can now look more like an analog sketchbook.
Photo: Longo Case

Artists share a bond with their sketchbooks and the company Longo Case thought the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, tools of the modern artists, needed a little help connecting.

The company launched a case that had the spiral wire binding of an analog sketch paper pad. It has a leather, understated back and front cover for protection, taut elastic loops to secure the pencil and a back with pop-out panels to create a kind of tabletop easel.

There was enough of a love connection with the sketch case for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that Longo Case has one in the works for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Artists carrying the smaller iPad Pro can pre-order the Sketchbook Case II for $19 on IndieGoGo, where Longo Case already has met its fundraising goals. Delivery is projected for August.

iPad sketchbook cover
Longo Case’s sketchbook cover for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro was popular enough to launch one for the 10.5-inch model.
Photo: Longo Case

Longo Case is not the only company to recognize some of the unique characteristics of an analog sketchbook.

Entrepreneur Jan Sapper has an iPad screen cover called PaperLike. Like the name suggests, it gives artists a surface that feels closer to the subtle roughness of paper.

Now all that’s missing is technology that creates the sensation of quickly thumbing through the pages of a sketchbook.