Thief Accused of Ordering Hit on iPad Victim



The robber who ripped off a man’s pinky to steal an iPad is now accused of trying to organize a hit on the victim from jail.

Bill Jordan, 59, had part of his finger amputated after Brandon Smith wrested a just-purchased iPad from him in the parking lot outside Denver’s Cherry Creek Mall store in April.  The Apple bag was looped around Jordan’s hand and the thief jerked hard several times to get it off — so hard that flesh came of Jordan’s left pinky. A surgeon later had to amputate part of the damaged little finger on his dominant hand.

Fox 31 reports that the Denver District attorney plans to file new charges against Smith today for trying to arrange the murder of his victim.

Smith reportedly thought his theft case would go away if the victim was ‘eliminated.’ Smith has been in jail for a few months after being charged with theft and assault.

Monday morning’s court appointment was like something out of a movie: Smith’s lawyers showed up ready to discuss a plea agreement only to discover that prosecutors had new charges to file against him.

Details about the alleged plot are scarce but Jordan and his family are reportedly fine.
More as the story develops.