Pub Powers Bar Tab with iPod


Behold the iPod Beer Tap Tab.
Behold the iPod Beer Tap Tab.

If you can’t remember how much you’ve had to drink — or have the bad luck to go out with people who never want to pay — this pub in Manchester has come up with a clever solution.

At Taps, the tables have built-in beer taps and an iPod Touch keeps tracks of just how many pints of the two kinds of beers have been glugged from each spout.

An iPod logging in pints of Heineken and Moretti at Taps in Manchester.

Reader Grzegorz over at Access Advertising sent us these pics of the iPod tab in action, noting that it’s also nice for parties: “You can top up the app at the bar and when your beer runs out, the app will close the tap. You have to go back to the bar to top it up.”

While it’s not fool proof (note the folks at the table drinking wine and what looks like stout — not available from these two lager taps) but it might be a way of avoiding runaway bar tabs.

The iPod tab runs via an app called DraftMagik one of DraftServ’s “point-of-pour” solutions for bars.