Rumor: Verizon iPhone To Have 3.7-Inch Display, 1.2GHz CPU, Internal Antenna



File this under “Whatever,” but DVICE is claiming that they have a source who has been testing the CMDA Verizon iPhone prototype, which they say will be very different indeed from the iPhone 4.

The suspect differences include a new internal antenna which they say might be made out of Apple’s new LiquidMetal acquisition, a larger 3.7-inch display and a 1.2GHz A4 processor.

Look, we’re just reporting it. If Verizon gets the iPhone in January, we seriously doubt it’s going to be significantly better than the iPhone 4: Apple’s not likely to offer different features for different iPhones, especially when a CDMA iPhone can’t really be rolled out internationally.

A Verizon iPhone would just be the foot in the door to a wider US market, not a major revision of the handset. After all, eventually Apple’s going to want to converge both the CDMA and GSM flavors of the iPhone into one device capable of running on any network under the sun… and they’re already looking at the Qualcomm chips capable of making that happen.