Never lose your keys with the KeySmart Pro with Tile [Deals]


Find your keys
Keysmart Pro with Tile allows you to find your keys via your iPhone
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You don’t need to be told how frustrating losing your keys can be. There are few items so important to daily life, so it makes sense to loss-proof them. It’s even better if you can add extra utility in the process.

KeySmart does all of that. It’s a slim, metal key organizer that integrates Tile smart location functionality. When you can’t find your keys, just check the Tile app to find them on a map or have them emit a ringtone.

It works in reverse, too, meaning when you lose your phone, you can make it ring straight from your keys. Additionally, KeySmart packs a powerful LED light, a bottle opener and a loop for attaching a car key fob, so this is one convenient little keychain accessory. The whole thing charges up via a standard micro-USB cable.

Buy now: Get a KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location (black, white, red) for $32 with promo code ‘KEY20,’ that’s 47% off the usual price.