Apple sued for alleged role in 2016 EgyptAir plane crash


The EgyptAir flight 804 crash resulted in the death of 66 people.
Photo: Mehmet Mustafa Celik/Wikipedia CC

The family of victims of a 2016 EgyptAir airplane crash are suing Apple, blaming the plane crash on an overheating iOS device belonging to the co-pilot.

According to the lawsuit, the co-pilot’s iPhone 6s or iPad mini overheated in the cockpit and ultimately caused a fire, which caused the plane to crash. EgyptAir is also named in the suit.

The EgyptAir flight 804 crash took place over the Mediterranean Sea that and resulted in the death of 66 people on board. However, while an on-board iPhone or iPad (it’s not clear which) is blamed in the suit, some industry experts think the fire actually started in the avionics bay due to a short circuit or some kind of explosion. Terrorism is one possible explanation for the crash.

Apple has yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit, although it did originally issue this statement at the time of the crash:

“We haven’t been contacted by [Air Transport Gendarmerie] or any authority investigating this tragic event. We have not seen any report, but we understand there is no evidence to link this event to Apple products. If investigators have questions for us, we would, of course, assist in any way we can. We rigorously test our products to ensure they meet or exceed international safety standards.”

The crash itself took place on May 19, 2016. EgyptAir Flight 804 dropped from radar coverage while flying over the Mediterranean Sea. Before crashing, Greek defense systems logged the planed as it cruised at 37,000 feet. It then made a sharp 90 degree turn, before making a 360 degree move right, and then dropping off the radar.

Whatever the cause of the crash, we hope that the families of the victims receive some answers.

Source: TMZ