Lenovo’s new iPhone X clone has an edge-to-edge screen with no notch

Lenovo’s new iPhone X clone has an edge-to-edge screen with no notch


Lenovo Z5 iPhone X clone
The Z5 looks good without a notch.
Photo: Lenovo

Lenovo has a new iPhone X clone up its sleeve that’s unlike all the others.

The upcoming Z5 has a stunning edge-to-edge display with incredibly slim bezels, but it is missing the controversial notch that has been slowly invading Android devices since Apple unveiled its latest flagship last September.

The iPhone is the most iconic smartphone on the planet, so it’s no surprise that rival smartphone makers take inspiration from its design in an effort to boost sales. Asus, Huawei, LG, and others have all introduced new devices with edge-to-edge screens and notches in recent months.

Lenovo has an iPhone X lookalike in the pipeline, too — but it’s not another lazy ripoff. The Chinese company is using new technologies to deliver the first “all-screen” phone.

The Lenovo Z5 avoids a notch

The Z5 looks a lot like an Apple handset at first glance. It even sports a similar wallpaper in early photos Lenovo has teased ahead of its official debut. But by employing even slimmer bezels and avoiding a notch, the Z5 has a front panel that’s 95 percent screen.

Four “technological breakthroughs” and 18 patented technologies made the Z5’s design possible, according to Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng. We’ll have to wait to find out how exactly the company has achieved what Apple couldn’t.

Lenovo Z5 iPhone X clone
It’s just like an iPhone X, only prettier.
Photo: Lenovo

It’s not yet clear whether the Z5 will have a front-facing selfie camera, or how you’ll hear calls. There doesn’t appear to be a speaker in the narrow bezel above its display, so it’s possible the company is using a piezoelectric speaker behind the screen like Xiaomi has in the Mi Mix.

The Lenovo Z5 is coming this June

It’s also unclear how the Z5 will handle security. Presumably, it will use fingerprint scanning — there appear to be no sensors for facial recognition — but we don’t know whether that scanner will be located on the back of the device or beneath its display.

We’ll find out more about the Z5 closer to its launch in June. Here’s to hoping Lenovo doesn’t disappoint.

Via: Benjamin Geskin