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Facebook makes logins easy, but at what cost?


Maybe it's time to stop letting Facebook manage your logins.
Maybe it's time to stop letting Facebook manage your logins.
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With all of the news about data insecurity at Facebook, you might be thinking twice about using the social network to log in to other apps. Sure, using the Facebook Login feature makes it simple to create an account or log in to apps and websites.

Unfortunately, it also adds to the data dossier Facebook is compiling about you and your friends.

Facebook isn’t the only tech giant offering to make your logins easier. Google and Amazon offer similar services.

And let’s face it: Tapping the Login with Facebook button is convenient. However, the companies that offer this convenience do so mainly to collect data on users. (If you’re curious, take a look at all the apps currently connected to your Facebook account.)

That tradeoff between security and convenience can produce an uncomfortable dynamic. And, as recent news stories show, you really shouldn’t let tech giants play fast and loose with your data.

Password managers make logins easy

If you decide to jump on the #DeleteFacebook bandwagon, your accounts associated with the Login with Facebook button get deleted, too. That’s the side effect of using Facebook as an all-in-one online identity management tool.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to break Facebook’s golden handcuffs.

Password managers offer a similarly convenient method for logging into apps and websites on your computers and mobile devices. Plus, their enhanced security features let you deploy strong passwords and keep all your data to yourself.

Using a password manager like Dashlane is much more secure than simply letting Facebook handle your login credentials. Password managers securely store your account information — user names, passwords, payment info, etc. — and protect everything with a single master password.

That’s a much more secure option than allowing a third-party service like Facebook to manage your logins.

Setting up Dashlane password manager is a breeze

Dashlane securely keeps all your passwords on hand for use at a moment's notice.
Dashlane securely keeps all your passwords on hand for use at a moment’s notice.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

If you’re ready to stop letting Facebook manage your logins, using a dedicated password manager is a smart choice.

Luckily, setting up a password manager proves a lot easier than you might think. These steps show how simple the process is. (We’re using Dashlane — the official password manager of Cult of Mac — as our example).

  • Download the Dashlane app to your Mac, iPhone, PC or Android phone.
  • Create an account linked to your email address.
  • Create a strong master password.
  • Automatically or manually import passwords from all your browsers and apps into Dashlane.
  • Use Dashlane every time you log in to a website or app.

That’s really all there is to it. Now you’re set up for more-secure logins.

Depending on your operating system or browser, you might want to install a Dashlane plugin. But once you get Dashlane up and running, any website you visit will offer you the option of logging straight in through the password manager. A growing list of iOS apps work directly with Dashlane to streamline the login process. But you can always copy and paste your secure passwords from the Dashlane mobile app.

The experience is similar to what Facebook and the rest offer. But instead of blindly trusting a massive social media corporation as a middleman, you take a advantage of all the security strengths offered by a company single-mindedly focused on protecting your data.

Save more than time

Password managers like Dashlane offer real convenience without compromising your security. In fact, they offer additional layers of security that could mean the difference between getting hacked or not.

For example, Dashlane can create strong passwords for you with just a click or a tap. They’re impossible to remember if you’re not a Rain Man type, but Dashlane keeps them all stashed neatly away, instantly accessible via your master password (or Touch ID or Face ID if you use an Apple device that supports those features).

Dashlane’s handy Security Dashboard makes it easy to retrofit your current crop of passwords, too. And when a security breach is reported at, say, Facebook, Dashlane will alert you so you can change your password immediately.

With today’s privacy risks, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself. Taking the easy route, like using Facebook to manage your logins to other websites and apps, can take a toll on your privacy.

Putting your trust in a password manager like Dashlane is one of the easiest and smartest ways to add a crucial layer of security to everything you do online.

Start using Dashlane password manager today

Ready to abandon Facebook and its tempting login feature? Start using Dashlane password manager today. It’s free for one device, so there’s no reason to cut corners on your security.