Score 3 years of bulletproof VPN protection [Deals]


CargoVPN keeps your data encrypted both on your Macbook and iPhone
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

At this point, if you don’t know that the internet is risky place, you aren’t paying attention. Every click, every post, every bit of content consumed, is an opportunity to have data collected on you. It’s important to protect your data and identity online, and one of the best ways is with a VPN.

Cargo VPN is one of the most popular virtual private network you can get. It encrypts your internet connection and keeps no browsing history logs, so your online activity, IP address, location, and personal communications are kept totally private. Working in the background, it’s an unobtrusive way to stay private and secure online. Additionally, it lets you bypass location-based content restrictions. So if you’re traveling, you can still catch your favorite shows. And with over 1,000 high-speed servers in some 70 locations around the world, you won’t have to trade speed for security.

Buy now: Get 3 years of Cargo VPN for $29.99. That’s a full 91 percent off the usual price.