Tidy up your messy texting and typing [Deals]


Ginger Page

Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Chances are your texts and emails could read better. In fact, most people’s writing in general could stand to improve. Technology has had negative impact on the quality of our communication, but thankfully, technology can also help.

Ginger Page is designed to clean up your writing. It the typos, autocorrect mishaps, slang, shorthand, acronyms and other grammar trainwrecks that litter our writing. On any device, it scans and offers advice on how to polish your writing so that it looks and reads better. Unlike your english teacher though, the app isn’t stuffy about it, offering tons of personalization options, keyboard design features, and hundreds of emoji. A grammar checker cleans up your prose, with a rephrasing tool that shows you alternative ways of putting down what you’re trying to say. You can even listen back to what you’ve written. Additionally, it’ll show you the definitions of the words you use, and can translate among 50 different languages.

Buy now: Get a lifetime of Ginger Page Premium for $69.99. That’s a massive 90 percent discount.