Another 3G iPod Touch with Camera Prototype for Sale on eBay



If you can buy it before Apple pulls the sale, you could snap up a 3G iPod prototype with camera.

You’ve still got a day to bid the 32GB iPod, at this writing there were 34 bids and a ceiling of $449. However, this isn’t the first time one has cropped up on eBay, the last one for sale in April was pulled shortly after it made news.

The iPod with camera prototype will probably be a museum piece, but you may have trouble using it — the device doesn’t come with the as-yet unreleased camera software. (duh).

If the reflection in the product picture is anything to go by, seller thebestcowboy is a guy with longish nails and a wedding band (?) whose English is either shaky or purposely bad (iPod touch 32 GB WITH CAMERA !!! no yet in the market !) perhaps  to deflect suspicion as a current Cupertino employee.

The seller answered a potential buyer about the camera by sidestepping the issue:

Q:  now whats up with the camera on the back, i dont think i have ever seen that on an ipod touch. and is there any damage to the ipod touch like scratches??

A:  hi, this is the ipod touch that is coming soon with camera, so that’s why you have never seen before and there is just very ligth signs of wear on the back but the otherwise the ipod is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Just wait for the app to use the camera. thanks