More Likely Proof The New iPod Touch Gets FaceTime Camera


photo: MacRumors
photo: MacRumors

Either Steve Jobs is so ticked off with the media, he’s spending his off-hours fiendishly drilling fake holes into forthcoming iPod Touch parts and leaking them (which is…well, who knows) — or we really are about to get a FaceTime-capable iPt when iPod unveiling-time rolls around, traditionally in early September.

MacRumors is brandishing these photos, leaked to them by an iDevice repair service, as further proof of earlier whispers that the imminent next-gen iPt will have a forward-facing camera. In the photo of the bezel above, the small hole on the right would likely be where the forward-facing camera would sit.

We know what you’re asking: How the heck did a repair service get ahold of future iPt bezels, and why does their website look so sketchy ? We don’t know. We’re just giddy that the new iPt is going to have FaceTime. Probably.