New Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery iOS game reunites movie actors

Harry Potter actors reunite for new iOS game


Harry Potter
Coming April 25 to an iOS device near you.
Photo: Jam City

Forthcoming iOS game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will boast an impressively star-studded cast. Developer Jam City says the game will feature six actors from the wizarding movie franchise reprising their roles.

Color us excited!

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game will feature Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall, Michael Gambon as Professor Dumbledore, Warwick Davis as Professor Flitwick, Sally Mortemore as Madam Irma Pince, Gemma Jones as Madam Pomfrey, and Zoe Wanamaker as Madam Hooch.

About Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Despite its title, Harry isn’t the main character in Hogwarts Mystery. Instead, you create and take control of your very own Hogwarts student. It’s your job to then guide them through the experience as they attend classes, learn magic, form friendships and rivalries, and more.

Intriguingly, the game is set in the 1980s — after Harry’s birth, but prior to the events of the series. What that means for the game’s story remains to be seen.

We hope it will mean filling in some details about the Harry Potter mythos we were previously unfamiliar with. (Although presumably that would require J.K. Rowling contributing to the script, which we’re not sure is going to happen!)

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is set to debut 20 days from now on April 25.

Another Harry Potter iOS game coming

It’s not the only Harry Potter game we’re looking forward to on iOS this year, either. Even more exciting than an RPG set in the Potter universe is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which promises to use Apple’s augmented reality ARKit to allow people to do a bit of (virtual) magic for themselves.