Unleash your inner storyteller with 6 creative apps [Deals]


The Master Storyteller's Mac Bundle
The Master Storyteller’s Bundle is packed with quality apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s a story in all of us. To get it out, though, you’ll need more than just a tale to tell. You’ll need skills and tools to connect your stories with an audience. And in the digital age, there are plenty of tools to master.

This bundle contains six top-shelf Mac apps for structuring, crafting and polishing your creative writing project. Included are powerful word processors like Mariner Write, loaded with features designed for the creative writer.

Assistant apps like Contour and Persona offer guidance in shaping structure and character, so you can avoid common writing traps. Other apps in the bundle help with staying organized and keeping proper formatting, so your stories connect with their intended audiences.

So if you’ve got a story in you that wants out, this bundle is worth checking out.

Buy now: Get the Master Storyteller’s Bundle for $49.99. That’s 88 percent off the usual price.