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Use Gestures to Control iTunes with Fluid Tunes



Fluid Tunes is a pretty cool free app from Majic Jungle Software that uses your computer’s camera to interpret movements of your head, hands or feet, letting you browse, play or pause your music in iTunes without touching your keyboard or mouse. It works on OS X 4.11 and higher and is a tiny (788K) universal binary.

8 responses to “Use Gestures to Control iTunes with Fluid Tunes”

  1. H. Kolind says:

    Not working too well here. Might be because I don’t have enough light on me where I’m sitting.
    And just to be nitpicking, it’s 1,2 MB – not 788KB :)

  2. Cowicide says:

    As an extremely avid user of the kick ass xGestures, I’m excited to see this stuff go forward on the Mac platform. With Fluid, I’m finding I’m getting lots of false positives with the controls. I’m perfectly willing to even paint one of my fingernails white for better tracking, but I don’t see any tolerance options with Fluid (yet).


    Here’s the future (I have the app, but it crashes in Leopard dammit)

    Here’s udder info:

    I’m thinking we need to take this dude hostage and pull him away from Microsoft:

  3. Lauren L. says:

    how do i get the musics into fluiditunes?