The saga of Siri (and why it still sucks), this week on The CultCast


HomePod in China
Siri and HomePod will oblige children in China when they ask for a story.
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: Siri sucks, Apple knows it, and Cupertino isn’t sure how to fix it … but there’s still hope. Plus: Our 2018 WWDC hardware expectations!

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CultCast #327 – Our WWDC ’18 hardware predictions!

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This week’s stories

WWDC 2018 returns to San Jose, runs June 4 to 8

  • Apple will kick off its 29th annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 4. keynote at 10 a.m.?
  • The weeklong event, which will offer the first previews of Apple’s next big software updates, will again be held in the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.


New improved MacBook Air and 9.7-inch iPad could debut at WWDC

  • According to a new Digitimes report and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is prepping a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook that will debut in the second quarter of 2018. The price? A mere $999.
  • One other interesting tidbit in today’s report is that Apple’s upstream supply chain has supposedly started shipping components for a new iPad Pro upgrade and cheaper 9.7-inch iPad. The 9.7-inch iPad is reportedly set to be released in the second quarter of this year (making WWDC a likely candidate for its debut), while the refreshed iPad Pro will come some time in the second half of 2018.
  • I’ve seen a ton of sales on the 9.7-inch iPad, and also the iPad Pro more recently.
  • June is the sixth month in the year, so technically all these products could be unveiled at WWDC.
  • Remember, the 10.5-inch iPad was announced at the last WWDC.

Apple might give Siri a total makeover

  • Under the veil of anonymity, some current and former Apple employees are admitting Siri sucks, and Apple knows it.
  • Apple’s AI assistant is way behind the competition, and a new report indicates that Cupertino’s coders can’t agree on how to fix Siri — or even if it should be fixed.