Dashlane reveals the state of password security across America


Dashlane's password manager on a MacBook Pro
Dashlane reveals the state of password security across America.
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How seriously are people taking password security in your city?

Password management service Dashlane today published its 2018 City Security Rankings, revealing the state of password security in America’s most populous cities — and those that are home to some of the biggest companies and government agencies.

Apple’s home city of Cupertino ranks highly, right behind Fort Meade, MD, home of the National Security Agency (NSA).

One of Dashlane’s best features is its password ranking tool. It tells you which of your logins aren’t as secure as they could be, then helps you find a new password that’s harder to crack. But it seems that not everyone is taking advantage of it.

Some cities don’t take password security seriously

Dashlane has discovered that many U.S. cities don’t take password security as seriously as others. Using a number of different metrics — including average password strength and average number of reused passwords — it has ranked the biggest and most notable U.S. cities.

Minneapolis, MN is at the top of the most populous cities list when it comes to password security, followed by Seattle, WA, the home of Microsoft. San Francisco, CA takes the third spot, while Detroit, MI and Chicago, IL make up the top five.

Two of the bottom four cities are Dallas and Houston — both in Texas — while Atlanta, GA ranks the lowest at number 20. The noteworthy cities list makes for more interesting reading.

These cities aren’t the most populous, but they’re significant because of the companies and agencies that reside there. Seven of the top 10 spots are claimed by cities in Silicon Valley, including Cupertino, Redwood City, Los Gatos, Sunneyvale, and Menlo Park, the home of Facebook.

The only city that outperforms Apple’s when it comes to password security is Fort Meade. Arlington, VA, home of the Pentagon, ranks in the middle of the pack, while Langley, VA, home of the CIA’s headquarters, ranks in the bottom quarter.

Dashlane password security 2018
How’s your city doing?
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“The analysis reveals numerous regional trends that suggest people in certain areas may take their password security more seriously than others,” said Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit. “Our intention, as always, is to inspire everyone to take identity management into their own hands and to use the available tools for the most secure digital presence possible.”

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