Prankster Jailbreaks iPhone 4s In Apple Retail Store



Showing how easy it is to jailbreak the iPhone 4 by simply visiting the website, an anonymous prankster jailbroke all the display phones at one of Apple’s stores.

It’s not clear what store was targeted; nor how many iPhone 4s the mischief-maker was able to jailbreak. The only evidence is a picture posted to an online photo-sharing site and a comment submitted to Reddit: “I got bored, so I jailbroke apple store iPhone 4’s.”

Note: If you have an iPhone or iPad, be careful which websites you visit in Mobile Safari. There’s a huge security hole that allows the browser’s PDF viewer to execute code, bypassing all security mechanisms. It’s being used to jailbreak devices, but could easily be used by bad guys to install some very nasty, malicious software. Expect an emergency 4.0.2 iOS update from Apple very soon.
Via Reddit.