Touch and Go: Tactile iPhone Case for Sight Impaired



This prototype tactile iPhone case called Invisual allows sight-impaired users to get the most out of the smart phone. It would work in conjunction with special accessibility functions, such as text-to-speech features and moon type tactile alphabet keyboard.

Portugal-based designer Bruno Fosi crafted the silicon case with modified bas-relief buttons that correspond to the iPhone home screen. Fosi says that the iPhone thus covered keeps all its functions intact, including multi-touch and finger flick scrolling.

Via Yanko Design

6 responses to “Touch and Go: Tactile iPhone Case for Sight Impaired”

  1. Peruchito says:


  2. Jenny Sutherland says:

    I am legally blind from premature birth, and use an iPhone close up to my face. This would be a boon to folks like me and for those with even less vision than I have.

    If you would like a tester for this I would be happy to help in this as we need to have more integration into mainstream technologies.

  3. Smiles2322 says:

    My teen wants an iPhone like everyone else, but she is totally blind; this case would be amazing for her! she is very smart, but just the voice stuff on the iPhone is not enough because the iPhone is arbitrary as to when it will or will not respond with just the voice stuff. My child would get very frustrated with that, but wow this case would open up a whole new world for her.