Turn Off Spotlight Search For Performance Boost on iPhone 3G Under iOS 4




If you’re having issues with sluggish iOS 4 performance on your iPhone 3G, Apple’s apparently launching an investigation, but according to Boy Genius Report, there’s a stop gap solution. Just go into settings and turn off Spotlight Search.

Here’s how you do it. Go to Settings, tap on General, then Spotlight Search. Now untick everything. Apparently, turning off all the Spotlight indexing solves the sluggishness issues… although I don’t have an iPhone 3G to test myself, so corroboration from our readers would be welcome.

Although an official fix from Apple would be welcome, this seems like a pretty good band-aid to me: I barely use the Spotlight search option on my iPhone, and I’d certainly be willing to sacrifice it entirely for a performance bump.

  • Guest

    This advidce helped performance quite a bit. It took a little more digging to find where to shut off the “spotlight search” though. On my 3G I had to go to settings> general> home button> spotlight search>.. At this point I was able to uncheck all the items. Hope this helps, and thanks for the great advice.

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