Netflix is bringing portrait video previews to iPhone


Netflix iPhone
You’ll have to pay extra to keep four streams.
Photo: Netflix

Netflix is bringing video previews to mobile, giving users a 30-second glimpse at shows they may find interesting. On iPhone, you’ll be able to enjoy them in portrait mode so that you don’t have to keep switching orientation while browsing.

Netflix already offers video previews on the big screen, and it has done for a while. They’re presented to you based on your previous viewing habits, and they’re helpful when you’re on the hunt for a new TV show to get addicted to.

Now those previews are coming to Netflix on mobile.

Portrait previews for iPhone

On iPhone, previews will be displayed vertically since this is how most people hold their device when browsing the Netflix library. You’ll be able to find them quickly by looking for the round icons toward the top of the home screen, and there will be up to 75 to enjoy at a time, Variety reports.

Previews work similarly to Snapchat stories; when you start watching one, you’ll be able to swipe to go to the next until you’re done watching. If you find a show you want to see, you can tap the “Play” button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll also find buttons that let you add the show to your queue, or view more information.

Mobile devices account for around 20 percent of all Netflix viewing, which is why the company puts so much effort into ensuring a good experience. It now offers HDR on supported devices, and can deliver HD content over speeds as little as 20 Kbps.

It’s not clear when portrait previews will be available to all. However, some users have been able to test the feature early by signing up for Netflix previews. You can do this by logging into your account in a browser, heading into your profile settings, clicking Test participation, and then clicking the toggle.