Poof They’re Gone! Rival Smartphone Videos Vanish from Apple.com



I agree with this report on Techcrunch — it is interesting that Apple has removed the videos demonstrating the antenna problems on smartphones made by rival companies. Those videos were originally posted on a special antenna page at Apple.com.  Now suddenly — poof they’re gone.

The videos no longer exist on Apple’s U.S. or Asian websites, but they are intact, for the time being, on Apple’s Canadian website . Customers can still watch the antennagate press conference video which contains the original footage of Apple comparing reception problems on rival handsets.

I’ve reached out to Apple to get their official response about why the videos were removed from the website. A lot of controversy was generated after Apple posted these videos with rivals like Nokia and RIM complaining loudly about the whole situation. Have these companies threatened Apple with lawsuits forcing Apple to take them down? Or could it be for completely different reasons? I’ll update this post with Apple’s response if and when I get one.

The first picture at the top of this post is how the U.S. antennagate website currently appears. The pictures below are of the Canadian website.

This first picture of the Canadian Apple Antennagate site looks like the U.S. version used too.
This second picture of the antennagate website in Canada shows that the rival smartphone videos are intact.