Cops will use decoy buses in hunt for Apple shuttle shooter


Apple bus shooting
20 incidents have been reported since January.
Photo: California Highway Patrol

California cops will use decoy buses and undercover officers to try and catch the person who keeps shooting at Apple employee shuttles.

Google shuttle buses have also been targeted by pellet guns, and at least 20 incidents have been reported since January of this year. The FBI has been called in to help with the investigation.

To help employees get to work, and to try to keep as many cars as possible off the roads, Apple and Google both offer shuttle bus services to their California headquarters. At least five of the buses used by Apple and Google have been shot at with metal pellets in recent months.

Decoy buses and undercover cops

Now the California Highway Patrol is employing decoy buses in an effort to draw fire from the person — or persons — stupid enough to fire at buses. It has also enlisted the help of the FBI, and will put undercover officers on Apple and Google shuttles.

CHP officer John Fransen told Business Insider that investigators will “take appropriate action” if a bus comes under fire. Fransen declined to elaborate on exactly what that means.

“Anytime you shoot a projectile at a moving vehicle, it’s a risk,” Fransen added. “That does pose a risk to public safety and we are taking this very seriously.”

Charter bus operator Storer is offering a $10,000 reward for information that will lead to an arrest of the parties responsible, but it directs all requests for comment to the CHP. Apple and Google are also declining to talk about the investigation.