Great Gig Pics From iPhone Cameras



Sigur Ros by richjm

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now: the iPhone camera is technically rubbish, but I’m endlessly impressed by the ingenuity and creativity people show with it.

This morning I browsed around Flickr for images of gigs and concerts taken with iPhones; there are some really atmospheric shots to be found.

Still, I’d stay away from the mosh pit if I were you. Or keep your iPhone in a zip-up pocket.


A Tribe Called Quest by Mat Honan


Lostprophets by Shiny Things


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club by CosmoPolitician

(All photos used under Creative Commons license. Thanks to the photographers.)

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18 responses to “Great Gig Pics From iPhone Cameras”

  1. mcaphoto says:

    That BRMC photo is pimp. I was there and she totally captured that moment. She is an iPhone camera ninja.

  2. CosmoPolitician says:

    Yes, I was so amazed by those iPhone pics from the BRMC show in Houston. This was my fav, though:

    another good show i took iPhone pics of, Ryan Adams at Verizon Wireless:

  3. p dolla says:

    my sickest pic taken with my iphone at a concert

  4. Richard says:
    also form an iPhone, I’m a enthusiast photographer and I can tell you that the iPhone loads of times disappoints as a photo camera mas but some times it pulls those amazing quality photos out of nowhere! go figure! :)

  5. Allison says:

    You state that “the iPhone camera is technically rubbish” and then you show photos taken from iPhone cameras that prove the opposite of what you claim.

  6. kc! Bradshaw says:
    Mars Volta as they come onstage NYE 2007, all the light beam out and the rock explodes!
    (all the recent photos on my Flickr site are from the iPhone)

  7. gilest says:

    Allison: Yes! Yes I do!

  8. Sion says:

    My favorite concert pic with an iPhone… I’m so proud of it!
    Canadian band “THE DEARS” playing in New York City.