Toyrific iPod Speaker



This Lego-look speaker will pump some sound for the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Mini. The USB-charged speaker blocks come in red, blue, green, white, black  yellow and pink.
No details on how powerful it is, but probably enough to annoy someone in the next cubicle over.
At around $20, it’s an idea for the random people on your list.

Available at Delight

2 responses to “Toyrific iPod Speaker”

  1. Christopher Hendrix says:

    I saw this product today on the Hoda and Kathi Lee “TODAY” show. They are super cool!!! They even let you hear how they sound, which seemed great!!

    I tried to buy one, but EVERYWHERE I GO ONLINE THEY ARE SOLD OUT, they obviously are one HOT ITEM. I’m going to Cancun on Monday Jan 12th, and I emailed one company that had one in White in stock to see whether they could get it to me before I leave, BUT I DON”T want it bad enough to pay $54 for overnight shipping (OUTRAGEOUS) But I will pay $20 extra if I they can guarantee I’ll have it by Friday if they ship it this friday, (IF they are open, i only was able to send an email) Anyway, I WANT ONE BAD, I’ll get it even if I have to wait till after my trip.