Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp reels in new fishing tournament


Nintendo introduces 2 paid subscriptions for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Nintendo introduces 2 paid subscriptions for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Photo: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting a new fishing tournament and “special new fish” you couldn’t catch before. The next update will also bring more villagers, and Leif, the beloved sloth who runs the Gardening Store.

Despite tens of millions of downloads, Nintendo’s biggest franchises haven’t been as successful on mobile as the company originally hoped. Animal Crossing revenue, much like that of Super Mario Run, has been extremely disappointing so far.

But Nintendo has no plans to give up on mobile just yet. Its next Pocket Camp update will add a new tournament and new content to keep existing players playing and to encourage new players to take a look at one of the Japanese firm’s most popular titles.

Pocket Camp reels in the fish

”A Fishing Tourney is coming to Saltwater Shores,” teases an in-game Nintendo announcement. “Special new fish will appear just for the tournament — catch as many as you can and deliver them to Chip.”

Long-time Animal Crossing fans will already be familiar with Fishing Tourneys, which have already featured in Animal Crossing New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS. The aim of the competition is to catch the biggest and heaviest fish in an effort to win rewards.

Pocket Camp fans on Reddit have also uncovered other content coming in the version 1.2.2 update, including a new garden event run, by garden center owner Leif, that’s likely to take place around St. Patrick’s Day in March.

New Super Mario items are also planned as part of a “crossover event,” but we’re not quite sure what that means just yet.

Pocket Camp is free to play

Nintendo has this week already added a bunch of new terrain items to Pocket Camp, allowing players to customize the landscape surrounding their campsite. It also plans to add the ability to select multiple plants at once when you’re working on your garden.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free to download from the App Store, and unlike Super Mario Run, you can play it as much as you like without spending a penny. There are in-app purchases for those who want them, but they’re not necessary.

Via: Eurogamer