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Pac-Man on iOS gets a visit from… Sonic the Hedgehog?


An unusual pairing, perhaps. An awesome one? Totally.
Photo: Machinima/YouTube

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog (we guess he kind of wins this one by default!) Sonic the Hedgehog makes an unexpected, unlikely cameo on the latest update of Pac-Man for iOS — and it’s kind of awesome.

Taking the form of a special maze, the limited time “Dash Maze” replaces the usual dots Pac-Man has to collect with rings, invisibility power-ups instead of regular ones, and… um… the woodland creatures Sonic usually saves in place of the objects Pac-Man munches. Check out a trailer below.

Pac-Man is a fun free-to-play update of the arcade classic, offering hundreds of different levels, tournaments, and more. (Although don’t worry purists: the original 1980 arcade game is there in an arcade-perfect port.) There’s MFi controller support and iPhone X optimization, too.

Oh, and if you’re totally digging the crossover between Sonic and Pac-Man (and why would you not?), Pac-Man is now an unlockable character in the popular 3D endless runner, Sonic Dash! It’s like different parts of our childhood gaming experience colliding. Now we just need the characters from Golden Axe to join the fun.

Via: Touch Arcade