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“Welcome to Macintosh” Doc Now on DVD



“Welcome to Macintosh” (subtitle: the documentary for the rest of us) features a mix of history and cult with interviews from ex-Apple employees, engineers and community members, shedding light on the company’s innovations, failures, cultural impact and what the future holds post co-founder Steve Jobs.

As we noted, it was announced out on DVD this fall, but the delay makes this a good bet for the Mac fanatic on your Christmas list. (Word to the wise: pre-order, since it won’t ship until mid-December).

On sale from the official site, the DVD, which costs about $20, offers three hours of extra content including extended interviews, a “making of” feature, trailers and photo journal.

The doc features a number of Macsperts including CoM’s Leander Kahney. In the trailer he speaks on design: “That’s what makes these products so beautiful, that level of comittment and dedication to the thing. To make it the best thing possible.”

Pretty things, we like.

11 responses to ““Welcome to Macintosh” Doc Now on DVD”

  1. Sam says:

    That’s swell. Gonna buy me a copy asap

  2. rcramden says:

    Don’t know if you guys saw… but the new trailer on welcometomacintosh.com has even MORE Leander… Woo Hoo! He speaks of both WOZ and JOBS… check it out.

    PS: That sold me… just ordered :-)

  3. Guest says:

    Anyone happen to know where you can get this dvd for uk?


  4. rcramden says:

    I bought it on Amazon… They will ship to the UK.

  5. rcramden says:

    I bought it on Amazon… They will ship to the UK.

  6. James says:

    About $20? How about $19.84! It is a shame to not mention the perfect pricing! BTW, we interview the directors on Episode 56 of the RetroMacCast: