• Stuart

    Wonderful! Only true Mac addicts would remember the Cube, or the 1984 hammer-throwing advert.


  • Petskos

    The funny thing is that apart from Jobs peeing on every iPhone, everything else is actually TRUE!

  • tim lees

    great stuff…..but why is COM taking an age to load after the redesign????

  • Aspra

    I knew when I watched this one of the tech site I read would post about it. It was hilarious. How about that underwater Cube and Steve Mob’s User Interface?

  • Brian0505

    OMG! Terrific.

    Comic Book guy with the sledge hammer was great.

  • Richard

    Love it, MyPods, MyPhones, MyMacs?
    “It glows when its off, sir”.
    Braniac Bar FTW “Is it peanut butter in the ethernet again sir”? “No! It is the drive”.
    The 1980 ad!
    The iPhone $8 to makem, sounds right XD!
    Steve Mobs :)
    Thats how I would react :)
    Krusty = Zune?
    “The MyPhones cost $40” lol

  • jc

    Uh, no. Many people remember the 1984 ad, as it was landmark advertising. And, in fact, the ad only ever ran officially once. The multitudes of other times it ran were replays, mostly discussing the ad.

    That ad almost always shows up in any “history of advertising” type program, too.

  • CaryMG

    4 ****s ! lol

    Man ….
    Funny & painfully accurate, too …. lol

    8^ ]

  • Nate


  • Dean

    I’ve just been called a mindless sheep by Matt Groening and Co…. why do I not mind?

  • Nuks

    the 1984 commercial actually aired during the superbowl and started the major advertizing in the super bowl. hell that commercial came out the year i was born and i know it well