Chinese Case Might Turn Your Jailbroken iPod Touch Into An iPhone


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I don’t really know if this neat little iPod Touch case will work, or even if it’s real, but superficially, it’s very promising: the Apple Peel 520M promises to turn your SIM-less Touch into an actual smartphone.

How does it work? Software-wise, presumably through jailbreaking. The hardware’s simple enough, though: just slot your Touch into a case containing an Infineon baseband chip and an 800mAh battery capable of providing 4.5 hours of call time or 120 hours of standby.

So basically, the Peel 520 is a mobile phone that uses a jailbroken iPod Touch as an external cell phone display. Ingenious and cute, but has the whiff of vaporware about it. If the Peel ends up being real, though, it’ll be released in China next week for a pretty reasonable price of around $50. We’ll keep our eyes on the import shops.