Apple teams up with Cisco to fight cyber risks

Apple teams up with Cisco to fight cyber risks


Apple cyber risk
Apple wants to help organizations defend against cyber crime.
Photo: Apple

Apple has teamed up with Cisco and others to offer a new cyber risk management solution for businesses.

The package combines the most secure technology from Apple and Cisco with cyber insurance from Allianz and cyber resilience evaluation services from Aon. It is designed to help organizations better protect themselves from today’s cyber risks.

Our reliance on an online world has led to an ever-increasing risk of cyber attacks. Ransomware and other malicious malware are the biggest and most common threats, and losses are outpacing investment in IT security, Apple says.

“This fact, combined with low adoption of cyber insurance, an active adversary, a fragmented security technology market and a security skills shortage, means it is difficult for many organizations to understand and manage this risk effectively.”

Apple wants to help fight cyber risk

Apple wants to help. Its new partnership with Cisco, Aon, and Allianz delivers a first in cyber risk management.

It’s made up of three key elements, including:

  • Cyber resilience evaluation provided by Aon. Security professionals will access a customers’ cyber security “posture” and recommend ways to improve its defenses.
  • Cyber insurance provided by Allianz that includes market-leading policy coverage terms and conditions, including potentially qualifying for lower, or even no, deductibles in certain cases.
  • Incident response services provided by Cisco and Aon that provide 24/7 support in the event of a malware attack.

The package is exclusively for organizations using Apple devices and Cisco Ransomware Defense.

“The choice of technology providers plays a critical role in any company’s defense against cyber attacks,” explains Tim Cook.

“That’s why, from the beginning, Apple has built products from the ground up with security in mind, and one of the many reasons why businesses around the world are choosing our products to power their enterprise.”

“iPhone, iPad and Mac are the best tools for work, offering the world’s best user experience and the strongest security. We’re thrilled that insurance industry leaders recognize that Apple products provide superior cyber protection, and that we have the opportunity to help make enhanced cyber insurance more accessible to our customers.”

Available today

The new cyber risk solution is available today through Cisco.