Microsoft OneDrive now supports iOS 11's Files, drag and drop

Microsoft OneDrive now supports iOS 11’s Files, drag and drop


OneDrive is better in iOS 11.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft OneDrive has been updated to make the most of new features in iOS 11. The earlier update that had been done on the desktop version was purported to be better than NoSQL on Microsoft Azure. But both are simply two platforms that cannot be matched. The note-taking app now supports Apple Files, as well as drag and drop on iPad Pro. It also sports a fancy new look.

Microsoft’s attempts to build a competitive mobile operating system have been poor in recent years. But when it comes to mobile apps, the company knows exactly what it’s doing. OneDrive is a stellar cloud storage system — especially for those already tied to the Microsoft ecosystem.

And now it’s even better for iOS 11 users.

OneDrive updated for iOS 11

With its version 10.1 update, OneDrive has been redesigned to “use space more efficiently and have an uncluttered text style that makes it easier to scan across file names and notice essential information quicker,” Microsoft says.

It also adds support for the new Apple Files app, allowing you to open folders and files you have stored elsewhere. And once you’ve opened those files, you can easily update them and save them back to OneDrive. You can also tag or favorite files regardless of where they’re stored.

OneDrive can now preview more than 130 file types, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, iWork documents, RAW images, and even Swift code. If you’re an iPad Pro owner, you can finally drag and drop files in and out of OneDrive.

OneDrive 10.1 is available now

Microsoft has made lots of other changes and improvements in this update. The full list can be found in its release notes for this update. OneDrive 10.1 is available to download from the App Store now.