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Yurii’s Home-Made MacBook Air Advert



MacBook Air from Yurii Smitana on Vimeo.

Yurii loves his MacBook Air so much, he made an advertisement for it. I like the moment at 1:33, when he compares the thickness of an old Acer machine with the thinness of an Air.

Have you made any Apple product advertisements recently?

Come to think of it, have you made any advertisements for products you like recently? Even Acers? Just wondered.

14 responses to “Yurii’s Home-Made MacBook Air Advert”

  1. Dave says:

    Love the ad, smooth and non pushy, but illustrative!
    BTW, anyone know about the music?

  2. Chris says:

    Almost as cool as the new macbook c/w iPrinter built in!

  3. bukweet says:

    Dave, the music is “Siboney,” a rumba originally composed by Xavier Cugat, and sung by Connie Francis. The song was used in the film “2046.”

  4. K.W.Eaches says:

    Wait a sec… Did he just show a slot loading drive on an air? Or was he showing off remote disc on another machine??

  5. Dann says:

    The Air accepts CDs now?

  6. alexisshemale says:

    dont you guys know that the only computer that the disk is inserted in the screen is the iMac…duh…besides the frame around the screen that the disk was put into was white…and the MBA is silver…wake up