24″ Cinema Displays Have Shipped



Apple’s latest lstandalone Cinema Displays, the 24″ widescreen with LED backlight technology announced in August, have shipped and began arriving Wednesday for customers also fortunate enough to own Apple machines with mini-Display port connectors.

The new 21lb bright, shiny things work only with the new MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks and the Macbook Air, a limitation puzzled over by many in the wake of the August announcement, but now that they are here, object lust would seem to be kicking in predictably for many.

Ars Technica blogger Clint Ecker did an unboxing first impressions post on Wednesday, a few shots from which can be seen in the gallery below. Of note is the high-gloss reflectivity of the display glass and the fact that Mac OS X elegantly defers to the display’s iSight instead of the notebook’s. It also uses the USB audio on the display, disabling the output on the notebook until you plug into the notebook’s headphone jack. Ecker says the Cinema Display appears “slightly brighter” than the display on a similarly sized iMac.

24-inch-led-screen-1-2 24-inch-led-screen-6-20081126-135523
24-inch-led-screen-1-3 24-inch-led-screen-9

Via Ars Technica

4 responses to “24″ Cinema Displays Have Shipped”

  1. Camperton says:

    If these only work with the new notebooks why did Apple discontinue the 23″ displays. That seems lame.

  2. Trena Brock says:

    good luck