New smart lock tech means you’ll never miss another package


It's a neat solution to the last mile delivery problem.
Photo: August

CES 2018 bugSmart lock company August Home has partnered with Deliv to offer a same-day delivery service, even when you’re not home, that operates in upwards of 1,400 cities.

The service means that users of the August smart locks — as well as those made by Emtek and Yale — can now take advantage of a service that lets users give temporary virtual “keys” to people such as couriers. You can even monitor the whole delivery on your iPhone!

Customers using the service can select same-day delivery and then choose a time that’s convenient to them for delivery. At this point, August generates a one-time only passcode. The Deliv-sanctioned delivery person then rings the customers’ doorbell when they arrive, which triggers the customer receiving a notification on their smartphone. If they don’t answer the door, the one-time passcode can be used to unlock it for delivery of the package.

For extra peace of mind, the home owner can watch the delivery take place live using their app, or else via a recording.

“In-home delivery provides an exciting new paradigm for shoppers, freeing up time while goods and groceries are safely and securely delivered inside the home,” said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home, in a statement. “August and Deliv recently partnered on a pilot with Walmart to test new in-home delivery services that make people’s lives easier. With Deliv, we are making August Access available to any retailer to offer their customers the option of secure in-home delivery.”

Amazon recently launched a similar home delivery service called Amazon Key, which acts as a solution to the last mile delivery problem by allowing the entrance of deliverymen to the house of people who have purchased and installed an Amazon Key.