Speck iPhone case will mount to Scosche magnetic holder

Speck iPhone case will mount to magnetic holder


Presidio MOUNT
Speck's Presidio MOUNT case for iPhone pairs nicely with Scosche's MagicMount
Photo: Speck

CES 2018 bug Speck and Scosche have teamed up for a new iPhone case with magnetic mounts so users can engage their phones hands-free.

Announced Monday ahead of the big CES show in Las Vegas, the Speck Presidio Mount is designed to work with Scosche’s MagicMount, a smartphone/tablet mount designed for vehicle or office use.

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Most magnetic mounts require users to affix metal plates with an adhesive directly to the phone, but the Presidio Mount has two small magnetic plates embedded in the case that will quickly secure to the MagicMount.

The plates are strategically positioned so as not interfere with wireless charging.

The Presidio Mount is available for all iPhone models from the 6 to the iPhone X. It will retail for $44.95 or $49.95 for the iPhone 8 Plus when it goes on sale next month.

Like most Speck cases, the Presidio Mount has been tested for everyday drops of 10 feet. Ridges on the inside of the case compress on impact to absorb and disperse shock.

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