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This smoke detector can also run Siri and be an AirPlay 2 speaker


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That's one versatile alarm.
Photo: First Alert

CES 2018 bug Want a smoke detector that can double as a premium HomeKit-enabled smart speaker? Of course you do, and smoke detector company First Alert is here to help.

Debuting at CES 2018, First Alert’s Onelink Safe & Sound smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is an in-ceiling device that could save your life. But it also can be utilized as an entertainment system, with support for Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant AI voice assistants.

In terms of playback, it promises that your listening experience will be comprised of “crisp vocals and powerful bass,” while its voice pickup will be equally impressive thanks to an integrated noise-canceling microphone that can hear your voice even when you’re speaking over the sound of music.

On the smoke- and carbon-monoxide-detection front, the Onelink Safe & Sound will offer an 85-decibel alarm. It also can send notifications to the user’s smartphone in the event of an emergency.

The speaker will be available in versions running Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. If you’re using the HomeKit Siri version, you can additionally utilize it as an AirPlay 2 speaker. The device will reportedly ship in April, priced at $249.

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