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Upgrades to iMac Pro? Major disassembly required


iFixit carefully tore open an iMac Pro.
Photo: iFixit

You wouldn’t dare crack open your new iMac Pro, the one you paid $5,000 for, just for a peek under the hood.

But the teardown team at iFixit happily and fearlessly disassembles devices just to sate your curiosity and maybe entice you to fix or upgrade your own machines. The wiki-based repair resource wasted no time in the new year to tear open Apple’s long-anticipated and rather expensive next-generation iMac.

iFixit gave the iMac Pro repairability score a 3 out of 10, which means home repairs or fixes aren’t impossible but far from easy.

The iMac Pro’s twin SSDs.
Photo: iFixit

The best news from the teardown, which you can see in detail on the iFixit website, revealed modular RAM and CPU, making upgrades and repairs possible.

But for other upgrades, major disassembly required.

Replaceable components are buried behind the logic board, there’s no external RAM access hatch as on previous models and the GPU is BGA-soldered in place, which will get in the way of graphics upgrades.

iFixit is planning to post a step-by-step upgrade guide. iFixit was able to “reassemble this beast with some fresh thermal paste.”