FacePlant Brings IM-Style Contact List For Your FaceTime Friends To Your iPhone 4



FaceTime is one of the absolutely best features of iOS 4, but you already have to be sitting in a phone call with someone to use it. A new app called FacePlant aims to change that, though, by bringing something of an iChat-style contact list to FaceTime.

Here’s how it works. On first load, FacePlant asks you to sign up for a free account, using your name and telephone number. Then it combs through your contacts and tries to match them against other FacePlant users. If it finds them, it then keeps track of their online status, and allows you to easily kick off a FaceTime video chat with them.

Contact offline? No problem. You can leave them a video message, accessible even through 3G.

It looks fantastic. FacePlant should be coming to the App Store soon.

[via hat tip to TUAW]