iWork ’10 Guide Pops Up on Amazon.de



Apple usually updates its iLife and iWork suites at roughly the same time, so yesterday’s discovery of an iLife ’10 For Dummies book to be published on September 22nd necessarily hinted at an update iWork 2010 to hit around the same time… providing those dummy guys knew what the hell they were writing about.

Today, though, independent confirmation: an iWork 2010 guide called iWork ’10: From Zero To Hero has popped up on Amazon Germany.

Of course, without any confirmation from Apple, iLife and iWork ’10 are mere speculation, but it’s been seventeen months since the last update, and it certainly seems, at least, that the software guide industry knows that something is afoot. Maybe they’re not dummies after all.

What improvements would you guys like to see in iWork ’10?

[via TUAW]