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Pad & Quill’s bumper case wraps iPhone X in leather


iPhone x
The Traveler Slim wraps your iPhone X with leather.
Photo: Pad and Quill

Looking to add some vintage vibes to your futuristic iPhone X?

The folks at Pad and Quill have you covered with the world’s first ever handmade leather bumper case for the iPhone X. The design for the case has been in the works for three years and was inspired by old school leather coin purses.

Take a closer look:

Dubbed the Traveler Slim, the bumper is comprised of American full-grain leather and is handsewn using UV-resistant nylon stitching that’s also used in parachutes.

The case wraps around the iPhone X which snaps into place. Pad and Quill says the case gets better over time as the leather ages and holds better to your iPhone. It still gives you access to the volume buttons.

Pre-orders for the case opened today priced at $59.99. It also comes with a 25-year leather warranty so your bumper will outlast your iPhone X.