Apple: iPad Is Not Following Typical Early Adopter Curve


The iPad is a closed system, which is polarizing pundits. CC-licensed photo by Mat Buchanan.
The iPad is a runaway hit and is going mainstream fast. CC-licensed photo by Mat Buchanan.

The iPad is a runaway hit and it’s going mainstream faster than anything they’ve seen, Apple execs are saying.

“It is not following a typical early adopter curve and taking a while to cross over into the mainstream,” said Apple COO Tim Cook during an analyst conference call.

Cook on Tuesday said Apple has sold 3.24 million iPads since its launch. The iPad is in the middle of an international rollout to 9 countries on July 23.

Cook said the company was caught off guard by demand, and is working to increase capacity.

“We thought capacity of 1 million iPad units per month was very bold,” he said. “Analysts thought we might sell 1 million units in the whole year.”

However, Cook says this is just the beginning — the tablet market in potentially huge.

“Our guts tell us this market is very big, and iPad is defining the market,” he said.

“We want to take full advantage of it, and so we are investing enormous time and resources in increasing our capability in getting iPad out to as many people as we can,” Cook added.

Cook said half of the Fortune 100 companies are already deploying or testing the iPad. “It’s incredible,” Cook said.

“The demand has just been amazing and this is off to an incredible start,” added Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer.