New App Twitcal Imports And Updates Calendars Via Twitter



It’s made big waves at the Japanese iTunes Store since its launch in March (not surprising as it was developed by Japanese developer Inforteria), and this morning Twitcal — an app that allows its users to import and update their calendars via tweets — has landed in app stores elsewhere.

The app looks pretty nifty: Just follow another user’s calendar, and your calendar is automatically updated anytime they make a change. Users-sans-Twitcal aren’t left out completely though, because the app can also send event notifications via email. As expected, Twitcal also syncs with Google Calendar and iCal.

The developer says they plan to expand syncing with other services like Evernote, Microsoft Office and popular task manager Remember the milk in a few months. One really cool side effect of syncing with Evernote will take advantage of one of Evernote’s existing features: Twitcal will be able to automatically interpret text from an image in Evernote (say, a photo of a sign), recognize if the text is calendar info, and then sync it.

While this looks like a handy app for practically anyone with an iPhone, Infoteria is harping on the enterprise aspect; they think it’ll really take off in the business world, and they’ll very likely be proven right. Twitcal is $3.