Learn to develop augmented reality apps in iOS 11 with ARKit and Swift 4.

Learn to build amazing ARKit apps for iOS 11 [Deals]


Learn how to build working, immersive AR apps in iOS 11.
Learn how to build working, immersive AR apps in iOS 11.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One of the most exciting features in new iPhones is its specialized support for augmented reality. So for developers, that means a whole new era of interactive and immersive content. But it also means learning the ins and outs of ARKit in iOS 11 and Swift 4.

The Complete ARKit Course covers the ins and outs of developing AR apps for iOS 11. Clocking in at more than 9 hours, the course teacher follows the tradition of beloved online instructor Rob Percival. That means learning-by-doing, building a ‘floor is lava’ app, a measuring app, an Ikea App and lots more. You’ll learn to use textures to create animated 3D models that appear in the camera’s view of the world. Learn to track the user’s position in real space, ‘launch projectiles’, place and move 3D objects on horizontal surfaces, and lots more. Augmented reality is poised to be a big deal, and this is a great chance to get caught up at the beginning.

Buy now: Get The Complete ARKit Course for $15. That’s a massive 92 percent discount.