iPhone 4 as iPhone X? Some people will believe anything.


Passersby get excited about the
Passersby get excited about the "iPhone X" in their hands.
Photo: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel featured the iPhone X on Tuesday night’s edition of Lie Witness News, asking people on the streets of Hollywood to hold the handset and give their impressions of Apple’s $1,000 smartphone.

Few realized they in fact held an iPhone 4 from 2010.

The gag segment always reveals how even total ignorance of the facts can’t dampen people’s excitement about appearing on TV. Kimmel sends a film crew to record what is on the mind of random people, getting them to comment thoughtfully on what is essentially fake news. Kimmel’s crew frequently uses iPhone launches for the prank.

This time around, passersby noted how small and futuristic the iPhone appeared. One commented on its amazing camera.

Surely, plenty of people interviewed knew they were handed an older iPhone, but the segment would not be funny without an edit that skews toward the absurd.

One man, who the interviewer noted looked like shaggy rocker Sammy Hagar’s brother, knew right away he was holding an iPhone 4.

Via: Phone Arena