Crowd-Designed Tilt Case Is Ugly But Functional



Quirky is a fantastic crowd-sourced community design site that takes strong ideas and turns them into real products. Their latest creation, though, may be something of a misstep, at least when it comes to design: the Tilt Bumper Case for iPhone 4 is utterly ghastly. And you thought the stock Apple bumpers bumpers were ugly.

That said, look beyond aesthetics and you’ll find the Quirky Tilt has some impressive functionality. For one, it works as a kickstand: the bottom of the bumper is hinged, allowing you to prop your iPhone 4 up in both portrait and landscape mode. Also, the indented portion in the middle is designed to allow you to coil your earbuds around.

If you want one, get in on the action quick: the Tilt will only be produced in a batch of 990 cases, and each costs $28.