Let Apple take you on an iPhone X guided tour


Guided tour of iPhone X on YouTube
Are you ready for a guided tour of iPhone X?
Photo: Apple

Upgrading to iPhone X means facing a learning curve. Since Apple’s futuristic phone forgoes the familiar home button, iPhone X owners must learn a bunch of gestures.

Apple wants to make the transition as smooth as possible, so the company just uploaded a video to ease the pain of any iPhone X owner shellshocked by all that bright, shiny newness.

The video is called “iPhone X — A Guided Tour.” And this exuberant guided tour starts (and ends) on YouTube.

“You’ve probably noticed that there’s no home button,” says the video’s cheery Apple rep. “That’s because we’ve made it even easier to get around your phone.”

If there’s one recurring theme of this Apple instructional video, it’s that using iPhone X is simple. And you’re going to love it!

It’s almost painfully upbeat, but it’s a fantastic quick introduction to using new iPhone X features like Face ID and Animoji. If you’ve got five spare minutes, give it a watch:

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Apple’s not the only one who can be painfully upbeat about the future of the smartphone!