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ARKit injection turns Amazon app into virtual showroom


See if your appliances will match your kitchen.
Photo: Amazon

Amazon is taking a page out of Ikea’s playbook with an iOS app update today that allows users to see what furniture and other items would look like in their home.

The new feature, dubbed AR View, takes advantage of Apple’s ARKit in iOS 11 to overlay household items onto the real world.

Target and Ikea have had similar features since iOS 11 launched in September. Now that the country’s biggest online store is embracing augmented reality too, it feels like AR is already arriving in a big way.

Launching AR View can be done through the Amazon iOS app. To pull up the feature, tap on the camera icon in the search bar, then tap AR View. You can then select a product and move it around using one finger. Use two fingers to rotate it.

Amazon hasn’t said what products will work with the new feature but claims thousands of items across multiple product types will be supported.

The new AR View feature is out today. It requires iOS 11 and only works on the iPhone 6s and above.