Street Fighter IV Champion Edition gets new fighters and massive price drop


Rose is one of the three new fighters you can select.
Photo: Capcom

Not played the excellent Street Fighter IV Champion Edition port for iOS? Capcom has just given you several new reasons to buy it — including a sizable price drop, three new female characters, and a nifty tweak focused on counteracting multiplayer “rage quitters” who will try and stop you earning valuable wins.

Check out the details below.

When Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition landed on iOS in July , it included six greyed-out slots for characters yet to be added to the came. The first update came in August, when Capcom augmented the roster with fan favorite characters Evil Ryu, Guy, and Gouken.

Jump forward a couple months, and the latest update now introduces the characters of Rose, Juri, and Elena. Mysterious fortune teller character Rose first appeared in the Street Fighter series with 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha. Taekwondo expert Juri, meanwhile, was a new character with Street Fighter IV, while leggy capoeira fighter Elena was introduced in 1997’s Street Fighter III: New Generation.

Other updates freshly landed in the App Store include a feature whereby, in the event that another player quits mid-fight, the CPU will take over so you can finish your bout, thereby giving you a more satisfactory outcome. It also drops the price from $4.99 to $1.99, which will hopefully be enough to win over a few of the thriftier players out there.

If you haven’t played Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition for iOS, I can highly recommend it. While Capcom’s first Street Fighter release for the App Store was 2010’s Street Fighter IV, this version adds support for MFi controllers, improved visuals, and new characters.

Via: Touch Arcade